The Peat Dead - shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland McIlvanney Prize, Scottish Crime Debut of the Year 2019 - skillfully captures the essence of island life and evocatively conveys a remarkable sense of place - The Peat Dead

The Summer Stance, by Lorn Macintyre

Publication date: September 4th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-910946-58-9 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-59-6 (Kindle)

SummerStanceAbhainn na Croise, the river of the cross, where the otters swim and the Scottish Travellers camped for generations, working on the land, repairing whatever was broken, and welcomed back each year by the area's settled residents.

Those days are long gone, but Dòmhnall Macdonald, raised in a Glasgow tower block, yearns for the old ways and the freedom they represent. When his grandmother falls ill, Dòmhnall determines to take her back to the Abhainn na Croise one last time - but times have changed too much.

Instead of the welcome of old, the returning Travellers are met with suspicion, hostility and violence - and Dòmhnall becomes a hunted man.

Set in the timeless Scottish landscape, Lorn Macintyre's latest novel is an intimate portrait of a misunderstood way of life and a fast disappearing part of Scottish culture.

The New Frontier, by Robin Lloyd-Jones

Publication date: April 10th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-910946-48-0 (Hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-49-7 (Kindle)

NewFrontierAs the proportion of people over 65 in the UK increases, a better under-standing of what underpins an active later life is becoming more important - to all of us.

In a series of interviews with remarkable people over 70, all of them nominated for the annual Times-Sternberg award, The New Frontier documents the impact of different influences over their lives and provides readers with a unique viewpoint on how important it is that we make, and are seen to make, a valuable contribution to society at all ages, especially older age.

Ranging from Dame Esther Rantzen, and her work in setting up Silverline, a helpline for the elderly, to John Lubbock, the founder of the Orchestra of St. John's, which tours the country providing music to families and children living with autism, the interviews confirm the importance of taking a positive view of old age and its possibilities, both for the individual and their community.

Compiled and edited by Robin Lloyd-Jones, a remarkable man himself, this collection of interviews brings together the stories of inspirational people who have made significant contributions to the benefit of society.

The Deaths on the Black Rock, by BRM Stewart

Publication date: October 16th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-910946-44-2 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-45-9 (Kindle)
DOTBRIt's been a year since Rima Khalaf died in a fall from the Black Rock, deemed to be a tragic accident by the police.

But her grieving parents are dissatisfied with the police investigation, so DS Amanda Pitt is sent north from Glasgow to the small town of Clachdubh to re-examine the case.

Despite the suspicions of the distraught parents, all the circumstances seem to confirm Rima's death was indeed a tragic accident, until another woman is also found dead in the town.

Frustrated by the lack of any real evidence, DS Pitt pushes the limits of legality in her quest for the truth.

Gemmano, by David Will

Publication date: October 10th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-910946-42-8 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-43-5 (Kindle)

GemmanoNorthern Italy, 1944: Gemmano is on the front lines of the battle for the Gothic Line, trapped between German occupation and the allied advance, as shell after shell rains down on the village.

Eighteen year old Toni Mazzanti has always been considered 'odd' by the villagers, but as the battle rages and he comes to terms with his personal and spiritual development, his talents come to be viewed as gifts.

With his new found confidence Toni increasingly emerges as a village leader, aided by Lorenzo Bergamas, a young Italian soldier returning from the Front.

Covering a period of ten days, Gemmano is a compelling and inspiring story of people caught powerless in their own land, told from the perspective of two young Italian men.

The Last Wolf, by David Shaw Mackenzie

Publication date: September 6th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-910946-39-8 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-38-1 (Paperback)
Last Wolf'So what is the novelist's duty then?'

'Oh, to tell the truth of course.'

But what is the truth when there are at least two sides to every story?

Brothers Maurice and Christopher have not spoken to each other for over 40 years, despite living on the same small island. And nobody talks about Maurice's first wife, Hester - until an apparently unconnected act of vengeance reverberates across the generations and carefully guarded secrets begin to unravel.

Moving from 1930s Capri to Paris, London and the Isle of Glass off the Scottish coast, The Last Wolf is a subtly crafted tale of lies and betrayals.

Mere, by Carol Fenlon

Publication date: June 21st, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-910946-37-4 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-36-7 (Paperback)
Mere"There's something about this place. It's going to destroy us if we don't get away."

Reclaimed from the bed of an ancient mere, drained by their forbears 150 years ago, New Cut Farm is home to the Askin family. Life is hard, but the land and its dark history is theirs, and up till now that has always been enough.

But Con Worrall can't make it pay. Pressured by his new wife following his mother's death, Con reluctantly sells up.

For Lynn Waters, New Cut Farm is the life she has always dreamed of, though her husband Dan has misgivings about the isolated farmhouse.

As Con's life disintegrates and Dan's unease increases, the past that is always there takes over and Lynn discovers the terrible hold that the land exerts over people - and the lengths to which they will go to keep it.

The False Men, by Mhairead MacLeod

Publication date: September 14th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-27-5 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-25-1 (Paperback)
FalseMenNorth Uist, Outer Hebrides, 1848

Jess MacKay has led a privileged life as the daughter of a local landowner, sheltered from the harsher aspects of life. Courted by the eligible Patrick Cooper, the Laird's new commissioner, Jess's future is mapped out, until Lachlan Macdonald arrives on North Uist, amid rumours of forced evictions on islands just to the south.

As the uncompromising brutality of the Clearances reaches the islands, and Jess sees her friends ripped from their homes, she must decide where her heart, and her loyalties, truly lie.

Set against the evocative backdrop of the Hebrides and inspired by a true story, The False Men is a compelling tale of love in a turbulent past that resonates with the upheavals of the modern world.

In The Shadow Of The Hill, by Helen Forbes


An elderly woman is found battered to death in the common stairwell of an Inverness block of flats.

Detective Sergeant Joe Galbraith starts what seems like one more depressing investigation of the untimely death of a poor unfortunate who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

As the investigation spreads across Scotland it reaches into a past that Joe has tried to forget, and takes him back to the Hebridean island of Harris, where he spent his childhood.

Among the mountains and the stunning landscape of religiously conservative Harris, in the shadow of Ceapabhal, long buried events and a tragic story are slowly uncovered, and the investigation takes on an altogether more sinister aspect.

In The Shadow Of The Hill skilfully captures the intricacies and malevolence of the underbelly of Highland and Island life, bringing tragedy and vengeance to the magical beauty of the Outer Hebrides.

Madness Lies, by Helen Forbes

Publication date: October 19th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-31-2 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-30-5 (Paperback)
MadnessLiesWhen an Inverness Councillor is murdered in broad daylight in the middle of town, Detective Sergeant Joe Galbraith sees a familiar figure running from the scene.

According to everyone who knows him, the Councillor had no enemies, but someone clearly wanted him dead.

The victim's high profile means the police want a quick resolution to the case, but no one seems to know anything. Or if they do, they're not prepared to say.

This second novel of Highland Noir from Helen Forbes continues the series with a crime thriller that moves between Inverness, North Uist and London, reaching a terrifying denouement at the notorious Black Rock Gorge.

Dead Cat Bounce, by Kevin Scott

Publication date: May 18th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-19-0 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-18-3 (Paperback)
WrongBox"Well, either way, you'll have to speak to him today because... unless I get my money by tomorrow morning there's not going to be a funeral."

When your 11 year old brother has been tragically killed in a car accident, you might think that organising his funeral would take priority. But when Nicky's coffin, complete with Nicky's body, goes missing, deadbeat loser Matt has only 26 hours in which to find the £20,000 he owes a Glasgow gangster or explain to his grieving mother why there's not going to be a funeral.

Enter middle brother, Pete, successful hedge fund manager with an expensive wife, expensive children, and an expensive villa in Tuscany. Pete's watches cost £20,000, but he has his own problems, and Matt doesn't want his help anyway.

Seething with old resentments, the betrayals of the past and the double-dealings of the present, the two brothers must find a way to work together to retrieve Nicky's body and discover that they are not so different after all.

Kevin Scott's first novel is an assured and audacious black comedy of sibling rivalries and a satirical comment on the failures of modern society.

"Pacy and assured, with an authentic voice, Dead Cat Bounce is an impressive debut novel" - Neil Forsyth

"...a fast-paced novel driven by a brotherly rivalry that's full of everyday scheming" - Elizabeth Reeder

The Wrong Box, by Andrew C Ferguson

Publication date: April 20th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-16-9 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-14-5 (Paperback)

WrongBoxAll I know is, I'm in exile in Scotland, and there's a dead Scouser businessman in my bath. With his toe up the tap.

Meet Simon English, commercial property lawyer, heavy drinker and Scotophobe, banished from London after being caught misbehaving with one of the young associates on the corporate desk. As if that wasn't bad enough, English finds himself acting for a spiralling money laundering racket that could put not just his career, but his life, on the line.

Enter Karen Clamp, an 18 stone, well-read wannabe couturier from the Auchendrossan sink estate, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Council misdeeds and 19th century Scottish fiction. With no one to trust but each other, this mismatched pair must work together to investigate a series of apparently unrelated frauds and discover how everything connects to the mysterious Wrong Box.

Manically funny, The Wrong Box is a chaotic story of lust, money, power and greed, and the importance of being able to sew a really good hem.

QueerBashing, by Tim Morrison

Publication date: January 28th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-910946-06-0 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-0-9929768-9-7 (Paperback)

QueerBashing'The first queerbasher McGillivray ever met was in the mirror.'

From the revivalist churches of Orkney in the 1970s, to the gay bars of London and Northern England in the 90s, via the divinity school at Aberdeen, this is the story of McGillivray, a self-centred, promiscuous hypocrite, failed Church of Scotland minister, and his own worst enemy.

Determined to live life on his own terms, McGillivray's grasp on reality slides into psychosis and a sense of his own invulnerability, resulting in a brutal attack ending life as he knows it.

Raw and uncompromising, this is a viciously funny but ultimately moving account of one man's desire to come to terms with himself and live his life as he sees fit.

" arresting novel of pain and self-discovery" - Alastair Mabbott (The Herald)

The House With The Lilac Shutters: And other stories, by Gabrielle Barnby

Publication date: October 1st, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9929768-8-0 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-02-2 (ebook)

The House With The Lilac ShuttersIrma Lagrasse has taught piano to three generations of villagers, whilst slowly twisting the knife of vengeance; Nico knows a secret; and M. Lenoir has discovered a suppressed and dangerous passion.

Revolving around the Cafe Rose, opposite The House with the Lilac Shutters, this collection of contemporary short stories links a small town in France with a small town in England, traces the unexpected connections between the people of both places and explores the unpredictable influences that the past can have on the present.

Characters weave in and out of each other's stories, secrets are concealed and new connections are made.

With a keenly observant eye, Barnby illustrates the everyday tragedies, sorrows, hopes and joys of ordinary people in this vividly understated and unsentimental collection.

"The more I read, and the more descriptions I encountered, the more I was put in mind of one of my all time favourite texts - Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood'. There is a lyrical quality to the writing and descriptions make use of all the senses so that they are vivid and engaging..." - Linda Hill

A Good Death, by Helen Davis

A Good Death'A good death is better than a bad conscience,' said Sophie.

1983 - Georgie, Theo, Sophie and Helena, four disparate young Cambridge undergraduates, set out to scale Ausangate, one of the highest and most sacred peaks in the Andes.

Seduced into employing the handsome and enigmatic Wamani as a guide, the four women are initiated into the mystically dangerous side of Peru, Wamani and themselves as they travel from Cuzco to the mountain, a journey that will shape their lives forever.

2013 - though the women are still close, the secrets and betrayals of Ausangate chafe at the friendship.

A girls' weekend at a lonely Fenland farmhouse descends into conflict with the insensitive inclusion of an overbearing young academic toyboy brought along by Theo. Sparked by his unexpected presence, pent up petty jealousies, recriminations and bitterness finally explode the truth of Ausangate, setting the women on a new and dangerous path.

Sharply observant and darkly comic, Helen Davis's debut novel is an elegant tale of murder, seduction, vengeance, and the value of a good friendship.

'The prose is crisp, adept, and emotionally evocative' -

The Peat Dead, by Allan Martin

Shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland MacIlvanney Debut Scottish Crime Prize 2019

Publication date: April 17th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-910946-55-8 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-54-1 (Paperback)

PeatDeadOn the Scottish Hebridean Island of Islay, five corpses are dug up by a peat-cutter. All of them have been shot in the back of the head, execution style.

Sent across from the mainland to investigate, Inspector Angus Blue and his team slowly piece together the little evidence they have, and discover the men were killed on a wartime base, over 70 years ago.

But there are still secrets worth protecting, and even killing for.

Who can Inspector Blue trust?

Desperate Times, by Ethyl Smith

Publication date: October 25th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-910946-46-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-47-3 (Kindle)

DOTBRJuly 1680: Richard Cameron is dead, and John Steel and Lucas Brotherstone have only just escaped capture by government forces.

The net widens to arrest anyone suspected of Covenanter sympathies, and the army becomes ever more brutal in its suppression of the rebels.

To have any hope of survival Lucas Brotherstone must escape to Holland, and John Steel is determined to make this happen.

Desperate Times is the third historical novel in Ethyl Smith's series, ollowing Changed Times and Dark Times, about the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

Changed Times, by Ethyl Smith

Publication date: April 27th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-910946-09-1 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-08-4 (Paperback)

ChangedTimes1679 - The Killing Times

Charles II is on the throne, the Episcopacy has been restored, and southern Scotland is in ferment.

The King is demanding superiority over all things spiritual and temporal and rebellious Ministers are being ousted from their parishes for refusing to bend the knee.

When John Steel steps in to help one such Minister in his home village of Lesmahagow he finds himself caught up in events that reverberate not just through the parish, but throughout the whole of southern Scotland.

From the Battle of Drumclog to the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, John's platoon of farmers and villagers find themselves in the heart of the action over that fateful summer where the people fight the King for their religion, their freedom, and their lives.

Set amid the tumult and intrigue of Scotland's Killing Times, John Steele's story powerfully reflects the changes that tookplace across 17th century Scotland, and stunningly brings this period of history to life.

"...a remarkable and compelling debut " Jan Fortune

Dark Times, by Ethyl Smith

Publication date: September 7th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-26-8 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-24-4 (Paperback)
DarkTimesThe summer of 1679 is a dark one for the Covenanters, routed by government troops at the Battle of Bothwell Brig. John Steel is on the run, hunted for his part in the battle by the vindictive Earl of Airlie. And life is no easier for the hapless Sandy Gillon, curate of Lesmahagow Kirk, in the Earl's sights for aiding John Steel's escape.

Outlawed and hounded, the surviving rebels have no choice but to take to the hills and moors to evade capture and deportation. And as a hard winter approaches, Marion Steel discovers she's pregnant with her third child.

Dark Times is the second part of Ethyl Smith's sweeping Times series that follows the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

Praise for Part 1, Changed Times

"...a remarkable and compelling debut " Jan Fortune

"Ethyl Smith brings history vividly to life in a novel bristling with energy, with her acute ear for the nuances of dialogue (in which what is cannily left unspoken is gratifyingly imagined by the reader). She has a gimlet eye for detail, illuminating home, courtroom, army barracks and battlefield." - Catholic Herald

The Oystercatcher Girl, by Gabrielle Barnby

Publication date: April 12th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-17-6 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-15-2 (Paperback)

OystercatcherIn the medieval splendour of St Magnus Cathedral, three women gather to mourn the untimely passing of Robbie: Robbie's widow, Tessa; Tessa's old childhood friend, Christine, and Christine's unstable and unreliable sister, Lindsay. But all is not as it seems: what is the relationship between the three women, and Robbie? What secrets do they hide? And who has really betrayed who?

Set amidst the spectacular scenery of the Orkney Islands, Gabrielle Barnby's skilfully plotted first novel is a beautifully understated story of deception and forgiveness, love and redemption.

"The Oystercatcher Girl is a wonderfully evocative and deftly woven Orcadian story" (Sara Bailey)

The Bogeyman Chronicles, by Craig Watson

Publication date: November 10th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-910946-11-4 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-10-7 (Paperback)


A scribe, a merchant, an earl, of late

A fiery star summons their fate

The mother hag will swear, for sooth

A half-blind man will see the truth

A bogie-man, a Wolf begetter

Slay a son to save a daughter

In 14th Century Scotland the constant fighting of the wars of independence has left the land ravaged and barren.

1327: 6 year old Brodie Affleck, gong scourer at Edzell Castle arrives at Restenneth priory, to become a lay brother and scribe. Arriving with nothing but a scrap of parchment bearing an enigmatic prophecy, Brodie must piece together the mysteries that link him to two of the most infamous men Scotland has ever known.

1335: young Andrew Christie watches in terror as his family and farm are torched by Andrew de Moray's soldiers. Friendless and alone, Christie and his brother must do whatever it takes to eat and stay alive - even committing an unforgivable sin.

1343: Alexander Stewart, third son of King Robert II, is born amidst persistent rumours of bastardy. Spoilt, barbaric and cruel, Stewart becomes infamous as the Wolf of Badenoch, whose savagery will touch the lives of thousands.

Over 80 years the lives of three men are inextricably entwined, and through their hatreds, murders and betrayals the legend of Christie Cleek, the bogeyman, is born.

The Bonnie Road, by Suzanne d'Corsey

Publication date: September 15th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9929768-6-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-01-5 (ebook)

The Birds That Never Flew

My grandmother passed me in transit. She was leaving, I was coming into this world, our spirits meeting at the door to my mother's womb, as she bent over the bed to close the thin crinkled lids of her own mother's eyes.

The women of Morag's family have been the keepers of tradition for generations, their skills and knowledge passed down from woman to woman, kept close and hidden from public view, official condemnation and religious suppression.

In late 1970s St. Andrews, demand for Morag's services are still there, but requested as stealthily as ever, for even in 20th century Scotland witchcraft is a dangerous Art to practise.

When newly widowed Rosalind arrives from California to tend her ailing uncle, she is drawn unsuspecting into a new world she never knew existed, one in which everyone seems to have a secret, but that offers greater opportunities than she dreamt of - if she only has the courage to open her heart to it.

Richly detailed, dark and compelling, d'Corsey magically transposes the old ways of Scotland into the 20th Century and brings to life the ancient traditions and beliefs that still dance just below the surface of the modern world.

The Birds That Never Flew, by Margot McCuaig

Shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2012
Longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize 2014

Publication date: April 29th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9929768-4-2 (Paperback)

The Birds That Never Flew

'Have you got a light hen? I'm totally gaspin.'

Battered and bruised, Elizabeth has taken her daughter and left her abusive husband Patrick. Again. In the bleak and impersonal Glasgow housing office Elizabeth meets the provocatively intriguing drug addict Sadie, who is desperate to get her own life back on track.

The two women forge a fierce and interdependent relationship as they try to rebuild their shattered lives, but despite their bold, and sometimes illegal attempts it seems impossible to escape from the abuse they have always known, and tragedy strikes.

More than a decade later Elizabeth has started to implement her perfect revenge - until a surreal Glaswegian Virgin Mary steps in with imperfect timing and a less than divine attitude to stick a spoke in the wheel of retribution.

Tragic, darkly funny and irreverent, The Birds That Never Flew is a new and vibrant voice in Scottish literature.

Not Scandinavian but dark, beautiful and moving, I wholeheartedly recommend -

Over Here, by Jane Taylor

Over Here

'It's coming up to twenty-four hours since the boy stepped down from the big passenger liner - it must be, he reckons foggily - because morning has come around once more with the awful irrevocability of time destined to lead nowhere in this worrying new situation. His temporary minder on board - last spotted heading for the bar some while before the lumbering process of docking got underway - seems to have vanished for good. Where does that leave him now? All on his own in a new country: that's where it leaves him. He is just nine years old.'

An eloquently written novel tracing the social transformations of a century where possibilities were opened up by two world wars that saw millions of men move around the world to fight, and mass migration to the new worlds of Canada and Australia by tens of thousands of people looking for a better life.

Through the eyes of three generations of women, the tragic story of the nine year old boy on Liverpool docks is brought to life in saddeningly evocative prose.

Toxic, by Jackie McLean

Toxic On the morning of December 4th 1984, municipal workers in Bhopal, India, were clearing some 4,000 dead bodies and thousands of animal carcasses from the streets following the world's worst industrial accident.

The toxic cloud that caused the massive death toll formed when water poured into a tank of improperly stored methyl isocyanate (MIC).

It doesn't look dangerous. And you can't smell it until it's too late.

You can only hope it's not sitting around anywhere near you . . .

In the Scottish university city of Dundee, life and all its complications are proceeding much the same as usual.

The recklessly brilliant DI Donna Davenport, struggling to hide a secret from police colleagues and get over the break-up with her partner, has been suspended from duty for a fiery and inappropriate outburst to the press.

DI Evanton, an old-fashioned, hard-living misogynistic copper has been newly demoted for thumping a suspect, and transferred to Dundee with a final warning ringing in his ears and a reputation that precedes him.

And in the peaceful, rolling Tayside farmland a deadly store of MIC, the toxin that devastated Bhopal, is being illegally stored by a criminal gang smuggling the valuable substance necessary for making cheap pesticides.

An anonymous tip-off starts a desperate search for the MIC that is complicated by the uneasy partnership between Davenport and Evanton and their growing mistrust of each others actions.

Compelling and authentic, Toxic is a tense and fast paced crime thriller.

Shadows, by Jackie McLean

Publication date: October 19th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910946-29-9 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-1-910946-28-2 (Paperback)
ShadowsWhen DI Donna Davenport is called out to investigate a body washed up on Arbroath beach, it looks like a routine murder inquiry. But then the enquiry takes on a more sinister form.

There are similarities with a previous murder, and now a woman connected to them both has also gone missing. For Donna, this is becoming personal, and with the added pressure of feeling watched at every turn, she is convinced that Jonas Evanton has returned to seek his revenge on her for his downfall.

Fearing they may be looking for a serial killer, Donna and her new team are taken in a horrifying and unexpected direction. Because it's not a serial killer - it's worse.

Moving from Dundee to the south coast of Turkey and the Syrian border, this is a fast paced novel about those who live their lives in the shadows, and those who exploit them.

Talk of the Toun, by Helen MacKinven

Publication date: October 29th, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-9109460-0-8 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-0-9929768-7-3 (Paperback)

Talk of the Toun

'She was greetin' again. But there's no need for Lorraine to be feart, since the first day of primary school, Angela has always been there to mop up her tears and snotters.'

An uplifting black comedy of love, family life and friendship, Talk of the Toun is a bittersweet coming-of-age tale set in the summer of 1985, in working class, central belt Scotland.

Lifelong friends Angela and Lorraine are two very different girls, with a growing divide in their aspirations and ambitions putting their friendship under increasing strain.

Artistically gifted Angela has her sights set on art school, but lassies like Angela, from a small town council scheme, are expected to settle for a nice wee secretarial job at the local factory. Her only ally is her gallus gran, Senga, the pet psychic, who firmly believes that her granddaughter can be whatever she wants.

Though Lorraine's ambitions are focused closer to home Angela has plans for her too, and a caravan holiday to Filey with Angela's family tests the dynamics of their relationship and has lifelong consequences for them both.

Effortlessly capturing the religious and social intricacies of 1980s Scotland, Talk of the Toun is the perfect mix of pathos and humour as the two girls wrestle with the complications of growing up and exploring who they really are.

Fresh, fierce and funny...a sharp and poignant study of growing up in 1980s Scotland. You'll laugh, you'll'll cringe - Karen Campbell

Mule Train, by Huw Francis

Mule Train

Border Policeman Ishmael Khan has spent his life in the stunning mountains of the Hindu Kush tracking smugglers. But his current mission is to find out what is happening to the foreign backpackers who have been disappearing.

Raseem Hasni dreams of wealth, status and proving to his father that he is a good businessman. Raseem's business is running heroin out of Pakistan using foreign 'mules' he intimidates into working for him.

Matt Peterson is depressed and in danger of losing his job. He's read and re-read his dead fiancée's favourite travel books and decides to resign his job and travel to the mountains of Pakistan, where they had planned to spend their honeymoon trekking.

Annie MacDonald is fed up and stuck in a dead-end job in London where she recently lost out on a promotion to someone with old-school connections. What better way to kick-start her life than resigning her job, taking her grandfather's inheritance, and heading to his beloved Pakistan looking for adventure?

Four lives come together in the remote and spectacular mountains bordering Afghanistan and explode in a deadly cocktail of treachery, betrayal and violence. Written with a deep love of Pakistan and the Pakistani people, Mule Train will sweep you from Karachi in the south to the Shandur Pass in the north, through the dangerous borderland alongside Afghanistan, in an adventure that will keep you gripped throughout.

Stunningly captures the feel of Pakistan, from Karachi to the hills, an absolute must-read for anyone contemplating picking up their backpack and heading off! -